Want to Sell Your Beer Online?

Sell beer online

So you make amazing beer & people love it, but…. distributors suck and risking your craft being compromised because it isn’t cared for properly, just isn’t right! Well, we couldn’t agree with that more!

The Beer Connect is an online software and marketing platform that allows you to sell your beer online, direct-to-consumers, and we also have a direct-to-retail platform as well! This offers you full control of where it goes, how it gets there, and how it is cared for.

Yes, there are restrictions on where you can sell and in what states, but being able to publish your products online, expanding your reach across the world wide web, FOR FREE, will do nothing but help you grow your brand, and get your amazing beer into the hands of those who love it! Plus, our platform has the restrictions built-in so that you don’t break any laws.

So, How Does It Work?

Step 1.

First. You set up your own, extremely easy to use digital storefront. (You can literally have it done in minutes) It is also accessible and viewable on all devices, phone, computer, and tablets.

This is an extension of your own website. We are just providing you the a turn-key solution with Ecommerce Capabilities. Shipping & Logistics. Unmatched FREE Digital Marketing. Customer Service. You and your team always you have full control.


Step 2.

Next. Your store is set up. We went through and set all parameters for you so that you do not have to worry about getting orders that you cannot fulfill. This makes it so that you don’t waste your time and it eliminates the possibility of you breaking any laws.

We then start marketing your brand and products for you. For FREE! You can link your site to your digital storefront, it’s yours!

Stop losing your online sales to online retailers who don’t care for your beer properly! We will help you own the online space!

Step 3.

You are ready to rock! We start driving traffic to your digital storefront using our marketing dollars and expertise. (YES, you read that right! Our marketing dollars, not yours!) We also send you content to post on a weekly basis to remind your beer lovers that your beer is available online.

When the orders start coming in, all you have to do is print the shipping label, put the beer in a box and our logistics licensed logistics partners handle the rest.

Yes, it’s literally as easy as just putting beer in a box and slapping a shipping label on a box that is provided to you! All you have to do is continue to make good beer!

What Breweries Are Saying About The Beer Connect

The Beer Connect has proven to be a wonderful resource for us to use and reach a larger audience than ever before. As a tool, the platform is very intuitive and simple to navigate. And then there was immediate gratification… the same day that we uploaded our beer selection, we received our first order!

Chris and his team at The Beer Connect make it exceptionally hassle free to process and package orders. It is as simple as printing a shipping label from a customer order, packaging it in the shipping supplies that they provide (cost free to the brewery), and notifying our carrier that we have a pick up.

The Beer Connect has been a great channel for us to be able to reach and satisfy customer demand where we couldn’t have done so in the past due to not having traditional distribution in certain areas of the state. The customer service support by The Beer Connect has been excellent as well. They are quick to answer with any questions we may have had within minutes of reaching out to their support. Overall it has been a great experience to partner with The Beer Connect and would recommend them to any brewery looking for a creative, alternative avenue for distribution and sales.

Billy Thompson
Sales Manager – BarrelHouse Brewing Co.