Beer Shipping Laws

Beer Shipping Laws and regulations for shipping beer vary from state to state. Shipping regulations depend on where your brewery is located and where the customer is having the order shipped to. For example, as of right now a brewery located in California cannot ship beer to Utah, but they can ship the swag to you if that’s the case.

Most states require a shipping permit, which vary in price. These permits are simple to obtain if you already have a current Brewery license registered with your state and the TTB. To see how what states you can ship your beer to and how to get your direct to consumer shipping permits How to ship beer.

For more information on beer shipping laws and or to start shipping your beer, feel free to contact us!

Shipping beer

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Shippers are responsible for ensuring that all shipments comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and requirements, including quantity limitations, reporting requirements, limits on frequency of shipments, and permitting and/or taxation requirements.